The 8th Day Of The Week


Time is free, but it’s priceless.
You can’t own it, but you can use it.
You can’t keep it but you can spend it.
Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.
—Harvey Mackay
What prevent people from hitting their goals? Someday does. Some day I will…….  someday I will do this, someday I will do that, someday when the kids are grown, someday when the debts are paid . . . someday.
And yet someday will never come, Why? That’s because someday is the 8th day of the week. Someday doesn’t exist and never will. Someday is dangerous and paralyzing. It traps you in land of Nowheresville. Someday is here now.
Ever drive somewhere and all the traffic lights are green? Unfortunately, when it comes to opportunity, people wait for perfect timing. They wait for all lights to go green, which summons the “somedays.” If you ask the average man why haven’t you made the leap to achieve your goals? What are you waiting for? It’s always some excuse . . .
“I’m waiting for a promotion.”
“I’m waiting for my kids to be older.”
“I’m waiting to be debt-free.”
“I’m waiting until I inherit money.”
“I’m waiting for the new year.”
“I’m waiting to finish school.”
“I’m waiting for my wife to get a job.”
“I’m waiting for the economy turn around.”
“I’m waiting until I fix the hot-water heater.”
“I’m waiting for this . . .”
“I’m waiting for that . . .”
The common thread is always the same . . . “I’m waiting.”
But waiting for what? Someday
Someday for something, some event, or some precondition. Sadly, these mentally constructed provisions come and go, leaving the opportunity seeker stuck in the same rut for years. Waiting for all green lights is waiting for the skies to turn purple on the third Wednesday in November.
How about you start today? How about turning that someday to today? How about not depending on the 8th day of the week that will never come? because the last time I checked we have 7 days of the week, after Saturday and Sunday we have Monday to Friday.
When you make your someday today you’re making time work in your favor not against you. Let’s say you want you want to lose weight and you decide to act on your thoughts now rather than waiting for some, so you decided to run for 30 mins a day while this may seem small and insignificant but with time working in your favor it will give you some magnificent results. If you go running for 30 mins everyday a year that will be 10,950 mins of a good workout for you and that’s how time work in your favor. Now the first week you ran were they any significant results? I don’t think so or where the results visible in the first few month too? Maybe not but if you keep repeating the simple practice every single day, the results will be massive.
We’ve seen how time can work for you but how can it work against you? When the thought of losing some weight first came across your mind, you told yourself the idea was great but you don’t have time now, you’d start running someday but not today because you have this to do, you have that to do. Now you’re in a game with time which you’d never win because you don’t know how time can either exploit you or expose you so because the someday you said will never come, I bet a year from that day the thought first came to your mind you’d still be over weight and still procrastinating..
Make time work for you by making simple discipline actions repeated everyday instead of time working against you by making simple errors in judgement everyday. At the end of the day they are both easy to do and easy not to do. 

Written By: Aloaye Collins Otsu
Twitter/Instagram: @Aloaye_javi

• CEO & Publisher @vlmagafrica • Founder @vlmediaafrica & @besthandsng • Media Mogul •Entertainer Lions Don’t compare themselves With Humans

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