Top Ten Marvel Movies That Sucked (With Pictures)

For more than a decade, Marvel’s in the frontline of superhero movies. Unfortunately, comic book fans aren’t always happy with what they saw on the big screen. Some movies lacked the comic book appeal that fans craved for, while there were instances when 2 hours of movie time wasn’t enough. We decided to come up with our list of top 10 Marvel movies that sucked.

But before we start counting, we have excluded the cheesiest Marvel movies from the 80s and those B-movies that made Marvel look bad!

10. Punisher (2004)

The Frank Castle character has always intrigued fans. But unlike its modern Netflix counterpart, Punisher on the big screen was a major flop. For the 2004 Punisher, it was based on two comic books mainly Welcome Back, Frank and Year One.

With a budget of only $33 million, it was a financial success. In its opening weekend alone, the movie grossed $13 million. It had a total gross of $54 million in the US. In terms of reviews, things are a bit different. There were mixed reviews. Rotten Tomato gave the Punisher 29% and even called it grim and cheerless.

What exactly angered the fans? Frank Castle’s character is far complex than what was portrayed on the film. If you’ll compare Punisher’s portrayal in Netflix’s Daredevil, you’d see the big difference between two. The 2004 movie that time was simplified into a 60s or 70s revenge action flick. It has guns, yes but never the depth that fans were looking for.

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