10 Epic Tributes to Love That’ll Inspire You

How far would you go for love? What can you do to fulfill it? Many consider love to be the greatest gift that the Divine One gave to humanity. The Merriam – Webster dictionary simply defines love as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. While it is true, as most of us already experienced, it varies through time and usually meant depending on how such person showcases it. Some people even made tributes to express their deepest gratitude for being in love. The following list features 10 epic people who made astonishing creations to display their affections to their loved ones. The touching stories will prove that love is a strong force that makes man capable of doing incredible things for many years and even – alone. Check out these epic tributes to love:

10. 10,000 Love Notes and Letters

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Noah from the film “The Notebook” is beloved by many due to one romantic act; write a love letter every day to win Allie’s affection. IF you think this one of the most epic tribute to love, then listen to this. While most of us think that it only happens in movies, a 74- year old man from New Jersey proved us wrong and even outdone Noah’s. Bill Bresnan, a devoted husband wrote more than 10,000 love letters to Kristen, his wife for almost 40 years.

The letters were written every day since they first started dating. Not a day goes by without writing to her, even when they are apart. Everywhere he goes, wherever cities he has been working, he never fails to do so. Every day – 365 days in a year, he writes to his wife with letters and notes signed with “I love you, my Darling” followed by two kisses and the infinity sign.

The daily expressions of deep love that started as scribbled notes in restaurant napkins soon become a collection. The letters have been filed chronologically and placed in almost 25 boxes kept in the attic of their house. It becomes a love diary, allowing them to pick up any particular day and reminisce what they’ve done throughout that day. They hope to inspire young lovers today with their love story that truly rivals “The Notebook.”

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