Praise for supernatural exploits

Most battles fought in life are not physical but spiritual.

Eph 6 vs 12 says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in high places.

You cannot fight the spiritual with your physical knowledge or approach. You can solve spiritual problems with physical solutions. 2 Corinth 10 vs 3 – 5.

Supernatural is anything that exceeds the natural.

There are many forces of wickedness that are manipulating the destinies of many people.

With the presence of God you cab overcome the forces of darkness. If you can bring down the presence of God,the forces of darkness with dissappear.

You don’t struggle with spiritual powers, you apply strategy to avoid tragedy.

Praise is a spiritual habitat where God dwells. We can bring down the presence of God by praise.

There was a young lady that her name was Mpa ( Mpa means dirt). Anybody that came around her always saw her as dirty, not until she faced the spiritual before her case was solved.

When God’s presence go ahead of you, barriers give way.

Wise people praise God to clear barriers.

Just praise God and he will stand for you.

2nd Chronicles 20 vs 1 -25.

Praise looks simple but delivers outstanding results.

God is not interested in the description of your problem but rather he gives you a prescription to solving your problem.

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