Ten Anti-Gypsy Countries Where They Face Antiziganism (With Pictures)

The term antiziganism means hostility or rac!sm towards gypsies. They are often looked upon as thieves who are largely uneducated, lazy and dirty lot. As a result of their semi-nomadic lifestyle, as well as the differences in their culture, their language and the way they look, gypsies are often eyes with mistrust. The Romani population in countries have been facing discrimination for long. And there the history of gypsies are oral based even today the culture is a mystery for most people. Here are going to list down 10 such anti-gypsy countries where they face antiziganism:

10. Poland

Donald Niewyk and Frances Nicosia said a number of dead people were at least 130 000 from about one million Romani people who lived in Europe controlled by Nazi. Michael Berenbaum writes researchers estimates are from 90 000 to 220 000. A detailed research of Sybil Milton, ex-historian at USHMM, counted from 220 000 to 500 000 victims. Poland is among the most anti-gypsy countries. Ian Hancock, the manager of Romani Research Program and Romani Documents Center Archive at Texas University from Austin, said the number of victims is higher than 1 million. Hancock writes: “the number of dead is higher than the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz”.

Before to be sent to concentration camp, the victims were crowded into ghettos, as happened to hundreds of thousands of people at Warsaw ghetto. Einsatzgruppen teams have searched the Romani camps and killed trace less many of the people. Romani people were the targeted also by puppet regimes which collaborated with Nazi, like Croatian Ustaše regime which killed a huge number of Romani at Jasenovac concentration camp.

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