Ten International Historical Murder Mysteries (With Pictures)

There are some mysteries unknown to man that’s been contemplated for years upon years until decades or even a century later filled with stories, tales, and different versions and very rare the actual truth conveyed from generation to generation. Numerous conducted investigations by different authorities have been conducted timelessly and where cases have been opened up year after year just to solve one problem, only created more and more mysteries in the process. Everybody has their own theories on the matter and that’s where a story of what really happened by the witness of god in those actions, have been twisted and turned for the minds’ of the locals as well as for the curious minds’ of the world who need a good story to report on. Historical murders remain a phantom to some of us today as some hasn’t heard of it or heard of it but is baffled by the actual truth of what really went down, when, where and by who. By reporting on this, we are not solving these murders but creating awareness of what still today remains a mystery and its best kept mysterious to leave an everlasting supply of thought towards it.

10. Levi Weeks (New York)

Water wells can be considered as dark sordid places and have been used for centuries. The ghosts that lurk ‘around’ those well walls can spin like tornado’s to draw you in to the depths of their hell and a wreath at which you won’t be able to climb back from. Water wells or bore holes lie deep within the ground, far beyond six feet under at which draw water from the earth’s core. Levi Weeks, a man of whom was to marry a beautiful girl suddenly, in the 1800s became one of New York’s first accused killer and committer of some serious murder. His soon to be wife’s body was found in the depths of a Manhattan well; Gulielma was her name. Although the murder took place in the 1800’s, it continued right up until the 1900’s, a century later. Since America has never seen murder of this degree before, her body has been placed on display for some time in order for thousands to see as they passed by, people flocked by numbers. The suspicion has been on Levi, yet unconfirmed of whether he murdered his soon to be wife. This incident definitely casts into the chronicles of international historical murder mysteries

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