Ten Paranormal Legends That Can Rattle The Bravest (With Pictures)

Ever had an experience where the dogs outside start barking at 00:00 AM on the dot, yet when you wake in a shock and look out the window, there’s nobody there? Ever wake up and feel a cold chill around you on the hottest day and when you run to switch the lights on, another hand or THING with claws, fried chicken fingers touches your hand too, lights on, nothing there besides you, only to look back and you realize there’s a clown sitting on your rocking chair, rocking that chair faster and faster till it springs up to attack you only to wake up from the nightmare that in your nightmare it appeared to be as though you’ve already woken up from. Either this OR thinking you you’re cat had a staring issue, every time you looked at it, it looked and stared without a blink at you, when in the long run you look deeper into that cats eyes and see a reflection of a man with dreadlock hair and a knife, the cat screams with fangs you through the cat behind you, come back and your cat disappears. Ghosts have always been a phantom for centuries, some claimed they’ve seen it, some just don’t believe it till their own encounters. We are now to bring to light what has always remained in the ‘dark’. Please note that the following article does not represent actual confirmed sightings or factual evidence of the paranormal existence, but it is purely to make you aware of the created legends by the experiences people claimed they’ve had or something that’s caused outrage to the world.10 Paranormal Legends that rattled the bravest of the world.

10. Bloody Mary


You’re sitting in a nice fancy restaurant with some friends, waiter comes by and asks : “what would you have for drinking Sir / Madaam” and you’re response would be “Oh give me a glass of Bloody Mary” , but here I’m not referring to the wine. When we speak about paranormal, it usually lurks in the unseen by the naked eye, unless such a ghost wants to be seen by you, if you’ve done an injustice to a human that died before its time, the time scripted by god, don’t think it won’t come back to haunt you and disrupt your existence till it sees you in you grave. Known to the United States as one of the most haunted locations and ground for paranormal investigators, Whispers estate. Probably as the name suggests seemingly that a lot of whispering has been going on by the unseen, to the ears of the real life humans. Bloody Mary became a game people, especially young and foolishsters would play, in hope of conjuring the dead, in this case, Bloody Mary, a princess murdered in-front of a mirror. The game actually mocks her death causing her to appear in your mirror they say, but does the game really make her appear?

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