Ten Super Weapons Built by Nazi During WW II (With Pictures)

It was around the end of World War II that the Nazi’s began experiments trying to build a mega weapons. Form monstrous battle tanks of the size of a four storied building jet bombers that look something like the modern day destruction machines, they tried to build it all. It’s no secret Hitler wanted to conquer the world and he left no stone unturned to achieve that when trying to build a super weapon. Fortunately they succeed building only a handful and that too were mere prototypes. Later the blueprints of many of those projects were found and made public. We are just grateful none of the actually succeeded because that would’ve changed the result of the war, in favor of Germany. Now, without much ado, check out these super weapon built by Nazi during World War II.

10. The Horten Ho 229

Jet bombers are pretty common these days but you’d be surprised that to know that it was the Nazi’s who first came up with the idea of building an aircraft powered by jet. The Horten Ho 229 is among them most amazing super weapons built by Nazi. It’s one of the stealthiest aircrafts that could sneak up to the enemy base without being picked up in the enemy radar. Speaking of capacity, the Horten Ho 229 could carry 1 kilograms (2,200 lb) of bombs for distance of a km (620 mi) at a speed of 1km per hour (620 mph). But the problem was the fuel consumption.

Although Hitler ordered mass production of the aircraft but not many of them could be made owing to various reasons. Only a few unused prototypes were built that still remains, the rest were either destroyed or captured.

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