Top 10 Ten Hated People in the World (With Pictures)

Hate is a serious word and is the result of constant dislike towards a person, inflicted by their prominent misdemeanor, speech and actions towards you or somebody that you love. Reasons for hate however, spans in several different things that are inexplicable and is dependent and determined mainly on the personalities of different people and its interaction with each other. Everything comes down to a certain compatibility in order for people of different personalities, beliefs, ethics, values, principals and other personas to get along smoothly. It must take an awful lot that an individual or group to say or do in order to reach the highest level of where hate is concerned. Here is a compilation of researched lists on the Internet of people who are dreaded by many with negative roving eyes that if could kill, the hated would be dead by now. The people listed below have done things to cause national or world outrage which resulted in an endless supply and still building network of haters targeted at them and their actions. Have a look at the world’s most hated people list.

Top 10 Most Hated People

10. Kim Davis

ABC NEWS – 9/21/15 – Paula Faris speaks to Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who went to jail because she refused to issue g*y marriage licenses. The exclusive interview will air on all ABC News programs and platforms. (Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images) KIM DAVIS

To those like myself who oppose against homos*xuality if it’s between two men, then this one is for you. See there’s nothing that kills True Warrior Spartan driven Masculinity than G*ys (men on men). Personally because I’m a man, I fancy women, which ultimately means for me personally, I wouldn’t have a problem visualizing two females who are together, somebody else may have a different view and by all means is entitled to their opinions as I am to mine on this particular matter. It’s psychologically proven in ‘normal’ men and women that opposite s*xes attract each other. The world seemed to have signed petitions and have protested against legalizing same-s*x marriages and the world seems to be accepting of it in certain countries. Kim Davis, was one of many who didn’t actually have anything against gay marriages, but instead stood firmly even if it meant 5 years imprisonment, for what she strongly believed in. Kim has been hated by thousands of Americans, who were mostly made up of homos*xuals due to her refusal of issuing marriage licenses to a gay couple that came in because it went against her Christian beliefs.

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