Top Ten Boxers of All Time (With Pictures)

Who are the top 10 boxers of all time? This can be a highly debatable topic, especially now that we’ve seen countless fighters lace up and trade punches on top of the ring. Also, styles make fights. There are those boxers who performed well on boxers with specific styles.

The sweet science is a combination of power, grit, finesse, and heart displayed inside the squared circle. Over the past decades, we’ve witnessed the evolution of the fight sport paving way for sluggers to slick boxers who made their way into the ring. We’ve seen countless rounds and controversial decisions that have made an impression to every fight fan. Let’s start counting the top 10 boxers of all time.

10. Willie Pep

One of the finest featherweights and boxing innovators to ever enter the ring, Willie Pep made it in our list of top 10 boxers of all time because of his smooth boxing skills. Living in the early days of boxing during 40s to 60s, he finished his historic career with a total of 229 wins with 65 knockouts.
His style is reminiscent of boxers like Manny Pacquiao and Ivan Calderon who popularized the sport today. Willie Pep is known to be an innovator of the sport, given his magnificent footwork, timing and excellent hand speed. He retired after suffering from an accident. He passed away at age 84 in 2006.

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