Top Ten Drugs Used in Ancient Cultures

How did it feel to be on drugs in the ancient times? Pretty much the same, I guess. Usage of drugs isn’t a modern phenomenon. Back then drugs meant hallucinating plants and seeds that were, for the most part pure and uncorrupted by chemicals or enhancers. From coco leaves to betel nuts, ancient people used a number of organic substance to go into trance. The Indians used nutmeg as aphrodisiac, while the Mayans used grounded coca leaves to go into that utopian world where the happy minds are easily lost. To prove the existence of this history of intoxication, here are 10 drugs used in ancient civilizations:

10. Blue Lotus

Used by Egyptians

Used by Egyptians, usage of Blue Lotus lead people into a comfortable ease and even caused them to become aroused. One can consider the Lotus as a weaker variant of MDMA. In fact a different form of the plant is still being used by some indigenous people and they inform that the drugs brings comfortable and peaceful sleep. The most popular method of using Blue Lotus is to prepare it with alcohol or tea for a duration of three weeks. While the Lotus can be used without tea or alcohol, but using them will help enhance the effect of the drug.

There’s mention of the drugs in literature too. Homer had described in ‘The Odyssey’ that the Lotus had taken away our hero’s willpower as if he had become a slave of an unreal dream – “Once tasted, no desire felt he come with tidings back or seek his country more.”

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