Top Ten Hardest Sports to Play (With Pictures)

The sports industry has evolved from over the years, and have been around since a few centuries ago. Have you ever wondered about how certain sports were created? If you’ve got an active imagination as I do, you would probably let your mind swindle in and out and above and beyond into thinking that In those times, some 500 years ago or so, it was more of something somebody accidentally did, that somebody did again and eventually influenced others to try it and soon everybody wanted to do it better, were a competitive idea was born and that would have eventually became the standard thing people would have done in and had to win in order to come to a mutual agreement or to create a sense of fairness etc. Sports is such a beautiful thing as it engages ones physical being directly into the game and also challenges one’s thinking ability to some maximum and heights beyond one’s own horizons and so not everybody would be able to do this. Sport players require practice in the art of how they play something. Let’s take a look at 10 of the hardest sports to play.

10. Golf

Let’s face it, not everybody is a “Tiger Woods” at golf. Ever had an experience where you’re standing and being watched by a few people concentrated on the course and with a firm grip holding up your golf club, trying to stand in a sturdy position where your feet is locked onto the ground, you’re telling everybody to be quiet as though the sound of their voice will affect the movement of the ball, you’re swearing the ‘birdies’ for chirping and then you’re now ready to make your move. Ready to give it your best shot only to slice a piece of grass patch of the lawn into the air and the ball is still on the ground and barely even moved. Disappointed? Don’t be. Not everybody can play golf. To play golf, it requires a player to be absolutely still while holding the golf club at a certain angle, that is to be directly opposite the hole a few yards or meters away, these are the most challenging parts to the game, in order to judge how hard to hit the ball so that it doesn’t land too far from the hole or way off the course. It all depends on the impact of your shot a few yards away firstly. Even when near by the hole, you have to touch it with just the perfect amount of push from the club to the ball so that it doesn’t sway off its ball and hole path as well as doesn’t go pass the hole. Not that I’m a professional golf player myself, however it’s suggested that you start with a game of Pud to get the hang of the whole swing before taking to the golf course.

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