Top Ten Worst World Leaders (With Pictures)

If followers of any nature, any magnitude or any specific category of mankind are governed by the ‘Leaders’ in which they’ve either elected or by unfortunate circumstance, been tyrannically forced to follow ,then obviously a network or nation would in ‘general’ cases be a well-organized and power led group. While this would be the most common and expected case ,what happens if such a Leader, is one of the worst in terms of everything that spells out Mismanagement and complete lack of Leadership skills. Nothing does an immense amount of an irreversible injustice than a so called ‘Leader’ that cannot conform to the gold plated norms of teamwork that actually influence the followers. We have seen the greatest and we always hear of the best in leadership worldwide, but since nobody makes an effort to shine light on the worst world leaders, the people below will make the list! They have been listed on the degrading reputation of their lack of morals, values, ethics, professionalism etc. That they themselves have made themselves famous for.

Top 10 Worst World Leaders

10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa)

The world has seen some influential presidents over time, and South Africa, has unfortunately taken the worst leap of this faith in their presidency selection skills, besides those rulers who probably manipulated the voting process in their favor against opposition parties. Former President Thabo Mbeki was the first President after his complete Opposite, Mr. Nelson Mandela who was actually The Grandfather of the nation, not literally but in a sense that a man 95 years old would have been older than most and to have led the generation that other several generations are led by, responsible for freedom that South Africans are able to enjoy today by the abolishment of the Apartheid Era. The man after him, Mr. Thabo Mbeki who reigned for president, tried to be his equivalent and failed hopelessly in that attempt. South Africa understands that he tried to do something of an extreme attempt to uplift the countries security and going to great lengths to upgrade the countries counter leverage aspects and Army mediums. The downfall here in this attempt though is that Mbeki has, by his mismanaged action, spent Billions of the South African Tax payers money into the purchase of advanced weaponry to enhance South Africa’s rather outdated defense force since the 70s and 80s. Mr. Mbeki has done this while only Deputy President under Nelson Mandela and the worst part is that when he eventually officially became inaugurated as President, he never made any real changes. Somewhat of a boring inactive Ghost in the President office.

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