World’s Top Ten Dumbest Criminals Ever (With Pictures)

Criminal Masterminds have been scattered around the world for their creative genius which always involved a plot which represented the actual blue printed plan and precisely each step that needs to be done in order to make a clean escape from all police as well making sure to carry out everything with a code of extreme caution in every step of the stages of any intended criminal activity and more especially no witnesses to be seen. The idea is to go in, wrap everything up, whatever is needed and necessary and then to leave into hiding for a long time under the radar. We can expect these standards from Professional, experienced, well planned and prepared criminal, however there are a few people in the world who are just plain right stupid and failed even being a clever crook. We take a look at 10 of the dumbest criminals ever, by ranks of their stupidity, 10 to 1. More like fun to none as the outcomes of their intended action goes completely the opposite in direction.

10. Klaus Schmidt

Schmidt! And to all you Schmidt’s out there, I mean absolute no offense but this guy, sincerely must have given you a bad name, and wait till you see the actual dum dum here by his un-actionable action. The man knew his flaws, imperfections, disabilities and didn’t consider it to be his downfall, he has however and we give him a great deal of respect for putting it aside and taking a brave leap of faith into not stopping, moving forward, doing what he wants. This unfortunately isn’t your average success and motivation story, in advance we advise you NOT to learn from this. Dumb here would be absolutely appropriate due to this particular Robber gave literal sense to the word and figuratively as well. The downfall of Schmidt is that he went into a bank, tried to rob that bank, guns flashing and everything but he was deaf at which the bank people were able to pick up when he said “you’re dam right it’s a real gun!” When the question asked was: “do you need a bag” and that alarm was sounded, he couldn’t hear it, didn’t expect it either am sure.

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